Improve productivity by revitalizing your workforce

What is the best way to improve productivity at your workplace? Most managers would speak about streamlining processes, having strategic plans and goal-setting discussions to get more out of every man-hour. In this competitive job-market this might seem like the obvious way to go. But, did you know that there is more to productivity than…

Tips for young professionals to impress their employers

The first few years of your job are filled with great opportunities for learning, growth and self-discovery. You’re introduced to the professional world, take home your first salary and gleam with the promise of a bright career. Given your limited experience, however, it is easy to find yourself in conversations and situations, where you can’t…

Can Modern Recruitment be as easy as a Swipe right?

Technology is making life delightfully easier for us. Whether you’re trying to get a quick ride to the airport, or are looking for exciting dining options around, you’re always one click away. But, when it comes to finding a job or making a career change — can things really get that simple? Traditional job portals…

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