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No experience? 5 ways to show your employers that you are the right person for the job

Job hunting can be a frustrating affair sometimes, especially when you are a fresher or someone with no experience with the roles attached to the job profile. That’s completely understandable. You can’t be good at everything, and in fact, no one is. But, that doesn’t imply at all that you cannot get the job without […]

Eight Phrases That Will Make You Sound Less Experienced Than You Are!

All of us can remember one famous dialogue of the movie ‘The dark Knight’, “It’s not what we are from inside but it is what we do that defines us”. Totally true, isn’t it? Well the same applies to what we communicate through verbal and non-verbal communication. In many of the cases, what our intentions […]

Understand Your Strengths to Know Your Unique Selling Proposition!

Understanding and promoting your strengths as a professional on a regular basis is a critical component to achieving your career goals, whether you are trying to identify your ideal career path, searching for a new job or working toward a promotion. In order to obtain the highest level of job satisfaction and success, you must […]

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