To-do list for freshers to land your dream job

Yes, for many people, summer means rest and relaxation. However latest grads cannot afford to enjoy it freely. There is little time for you to stop for long holidays as you’ve to update your resume and get ready for interviews.

The good news is, the job search opportunities for you are looking better this year when compared to last year. As the economic activities have paced -up post lockdown and normal businesses have resumed in major economies, companies are looking forward to hire in large numbers this year to compensate the previous year.

If you are among those who have not yet landed in your dream job after graduation and are struggling with your future, hold that thought. With following simple to-dos, you can still get there by the end of summer.

Check out these few things you can mark on your to-do list to help achieve your career goals:

Focus on your efforts in companies that have the potential to grow in the workplace
As a recent graduate, you are ready to achieve your dream job when it comes to making the most of your hard-earned degree. However, you will need to start at the entry level. For this reason, it is important that you seek and invest your time in companies that have clear potential for career growth.

Take a closer look at employee reviews and LinkedIn profiles to see how long employees usually stay in their jobs at their companies. Have they been in the same company for some years and gone up? Good! However, if they have been at the same level for longer than you can see yourself in that position – and it is a pattern for that company – you may want to look elsewhere.

Apart from internal mobility, there are a number of factors that you can look for that indicate opportunities for growth and development:

  • Does the company pay for further education or further training for employees?
  • Are there any formal counseling programs?
  • Can employees participate in exchange programs or extend shares?

All of these contributions are indications that the employer is prioritizing employee growth.

Use your network to find out more about informative interviews
This is where the relationships you built during college start to show their professional value. It is important to identify the people in your network who are qualified to help make the right connection. Don’t just throw a line at everyone. Be deliberate about who can help you get the best insights and benefit in return.

Research your network and identify people who have taken the same probable steps in their career as you will need to take on your dream path. After that, you can either request an information session or ask them to link you to the right people for the companies you wish to work for.

Such information sessions will not fetch you a job. It’s a way of understanding how that person landed in to that position in their career. Information sessions may lead to a job referral if you keep in touch with them.

Always build on the relationships you have established so that you can end up benefiting from it. Offer something in return as a LinkedIn recommendation or link to someone in your network.

Discover new reading skills and fill the gaps on your resume
A good way to reach your goal is to pay close attention to the various job descriptions in the various companies you have on your list. Once you have found the specific role you are looking for, analyse the requirements of numerous openings for that job titl and highlight all the skills and experience you have not yet had.

Now, don’t panic. You are more likely to land a job interview with 50 percent of job requirements as you meet 90 percent of them, according to a 2018 TalentWorks report.

Instead of trying to find all the necessary skills, compare where the skills overlaps for similar job description and focus on your efforts there. Whether it’s for volunteer work, completing an online certification, or job shadowing for a few weeks, you can show employers and pro-recruiters that you’re willing to continue learning and gaining the right skills to succeed.

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