How Generation Z is transforming the Workplace?

Work place transformation by Generation Z - tips for recruiters

Generation Z refers to the people born in 1997 and after that. So the oldest people of this are around 23-24 years of age. The oldest ones of this generation are seeking their dream jobs right now. Along with their new revolutionary ideas they are bringing up many disruptive trends in the marketplace. These trends are changing things drastically. 

As this generation is born in a world filled with technology, they are tech-savvy by nature. This workforce looks a lot like the Millennials but much more technologically advanced.  

Let us understand about some similarities among the Millennials and the Generation Z:-

  1. They want flexibility in the workplace to adjust themselves better. They want to work more remotely than sitting in a cubicle. It’s not that they don’t want to work hard, it’s just that they want to work hard under flexible conditions. 
  2. They don’t like a closed-in environment office to work. They want the workplace to be more open with various perks such as natural light etc. 
  3. Generation Z is a lot more attached to the digital world than Millennials, as you will rarely see any Gen Z without their smartphones and internet

Okay, then let us now understand the distinctive features which makes Generation Z a lot more valuable for the organization:-

  1. Generation Z values teamwork and collaboration but not as much as the Millennials. Gen Z is of competitive nature and always tries to thrive independently without anyone’s help. 
  2. Due to the Great Depression, they have seen their parents struggling. Thus, they want recession proof jobs. This experience has made them more programmatic and incorporated entrepreneurial nature in them.
  3. Generation Z wants to be financially independent. They find ways to avoid debts and want to work hard to get better salaries for their financial security. They are quick learners as well. 

So you must have now understood about the Generation Z. Now let us understand what are these disruptive trends brought in by Gen Z:-

  1. Gen Z is a completely digitized generation and usually contain innovative ideas within themselves. They might prefer video calls over voice calls anytime.
  2. Generation Z wants a perfect balance between their personal life and their work life. They take balanced steps to avoid burnout at work. They are creating trends to create work-life balance. 
  3. Generation Z doesn’t prefer the frequency of the feedback, they prefer the measurability of the feedback. Managers have to provide them their feedback in such a way that they can track the feedback themselves. 
  4. Earlier generations used to view failure as a failure only. But Gen Z views failure as an opportunity to improve themselves, to grow and prosper. They take every failure and negative feedback sportingly and want to learn from it. 

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