Kick-start your career early while pursuing your degree

career tips for students looking for internships or jobs while pursuing their degree

With the advancement of technology across all the sectors, recruiters were also looking to get an easy access to hire the best suitable candidate for the job vacancies in their organizations. This is what lead to the idea behind launching Workruit – an AI based Job Search portal. The idea is simple – using technology to enhance innovation in candidate experience during their attempts to find a job. Targeting young, tech-savvy individuals and students, this solution is a simple mobile application that one can download on their smartphones, and explore job opportunities in their vicinity. 

This idea was conceptualized to combat the most pressing challenge of existing online job-portals – they were in essence, lengthy disorganized (often outdated) databases that did not provide relevant results to the user. Using cutting-edge machine learning and AI technology, we created a unique, yet user-friendly platform that enabled job-seekers as well as recruiters to explore customized, relevant jobs – at their fingertips. 

The result was the Workruit – Job Search Platform. In the Workruit app, you’ll see a simple interface that displays jobs that are curated to your profile, skills and interest areas, every day. You just swipe right to apply to a job that you like – just like Tinder. You do not have to go through detailed, lengthy job-descriptions where you run the risk of misreading/ misunderstanding pieces of information – our algorithm does that for you. When a recruiter also swipes right on your profile, we have a match! 

The format is attracting job-seekers looking for jobs across India, as it is very seamless, easy-to-use and absolutely free to download. It is also very suitable for students, who are looking to explore jobs early on – to gain a competitive edge in their career. 

Are you a driven individual pursuing your degree, and seeking out ways to enhance your professional repertoire? If yes, here’s what you should keep in mind, way ahead of actually being ready to apply for a job. 

  1. Get your hands dirty: As a student, there isn’t a lot of opportunity to find work as such, but that doesn’t mean you will get no opportunity to learn. There are several ways to gain some hands-on experience without actually getting a ‘job’. In this highly competitive job market, individuals with a vivid personality, volunteer experience and professional internships stand out in comparison to their peers. And that’s where you should invest your free time. Take up a cause that you like, or pick up an internship with a company that you like. In fact, you can also explore internships on the Workruit Job Search app, that ensures skills-based job matching
  1. Build an interesting personal brand: People only remember you when you manage to stand out in the crowd. Work on creating a brand around yourself – identify what you stand for, what your style is and what really drives you. You are a unique person, so let that show in the way you interact with the world around you. Pick up a new hobby, join a speaking club, learn a foreign language – all these will make you a more interesting person – and an exciting personal brand. 
  1. Network, network, network: They say you are a sum total of the five people you interact more with. So, choose wisely. In today’s fast-paced world it is not enough that you know your trade well – it is important that you know the right people in the right places. Way ahead of your job-hunting phase – you should start interacting with the people who motivate you to be better. Whether this is through student conferences or through social media – the more people you meet and interact with the better experience you gain, to prepare yourself for the professional world 

It often takes more than just the perfect resume to build a career. And given today’s cut-throat world, the earlier you begin preparing for your career the better position you’ll be in to take on the world. 

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Workruit Job Search App India

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