11 Tips to Create an Amazing Resume

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Search for “RESUME” or “CV” on Google and you’ll find hundreds of search results. For the first time job seekers, creating a resume might or might not be a difficult process but it certainly is a process which should be taken up with utmost care and concentration.

You might download resume templates or CV templates from Google but there is no uniqueness in that template. The last things you would expect is a person carrying a similar resume just like yours during an interview.

In this blog, we will share 11 tips to create an amazing, professional, job-winning resume through which you will be able to stand out during your interviews.

Facts about Resume:

  • 76% of the resumes are discarded because of an unprofessional email address.
  • 93% of the recruiters are likely to look into your LinkedIn profile.
  • 99% of the recruiters don’t show interest in resumes that are clumsy and consists of grammatical errors.
  • 5–7 seconds is the average time that is spent by recruiters to view a resume.

Tips to create an amazing resume:

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Tip 1: Career Objective

An impressive career objective gives a short summary about yourself. Start with a strong trait, add 2–3 skills, describe your career goals, and say what you hope to do for the company.

Tip 2: Personal Details

Add relevant personal details like your address, phone number, email and other details only if asked or if necessary.

Tip 3: Educational Details

Mention your educational qualifications & course work. Make sure that your educational details are well explained and presented in a reverse-chronological order.

Tip 4: Work Experience

Include the name of the company you worked with and mention the important dates. Do not add more than 5 bullet points. Tailor your experiences to the current job role you are applying for.

Tip 5: Certifications

Add certifications you have mastered in to build credibility. Add all your certifications explaining them in the reverse chronological order. Do not include irrelevant certifications.

Tip 6: Skills

Mention your skills to help you secure a relevant job. Do not add irrelevant skills to the job you are applying for the job. You skills are nothing but your abilities that are related to the job you are applying for.

Tip 7: Templates

Your resume is a representation of yourself and brings in the first impression. Having a good resume template is similar to getting professionally dressed before an interview – to look attractive and gaze the eyes of the interviewer.

Tip 8: Fonts

Fonts play a crucial role in resume making. These fonts can make or break your resume. It is always suggestible that you use professional fonts like Times New Roman, Lato, Source Sans Pro, Roboto, Merriweather, Nunito, Open Sans etc.

Tip 9: Colors

Using proper colors on your resume will make your resume look attractive and pleasant to the eye. It also draws the recruiters attention to the most important parts of the resume. Make sure that there are no more than two colors present on the resume.

Tip 10: One CV doesn't fit all approach

You might apply for a job today and submit the same resume to the next job that you are applying. Do not do that. It’s a blunder.

Tailor your curriculum vitae for the jobs that you are applying for. Make sure that they are custom edited according to the job description. 

Tip 11: Proofread

After creating your resume you might make mistakes and errors which are often quite possible. Proofreading is important to ensure that your resume contains no grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

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