Career-advice: Tips for first-time job seekers

Workruit Job Search - Tips for first time job seekers

Graduating from college is a fantastic time in everyone’s life. It’s time to enter the real world of a highly competitive job market, fast-paced work, aggressive learning and your first salary. This could also be an unnerving and confusing time, especially because everything is so new!

Wondering if you have what it takes to get ahead in this new world? Here are some tips that might help you gain an edge and find success in your first job! 

  1. Assess yourself: Everyone comes with different strengths and weaknesses, and hiring managers know this. Often, employers are looking for individuals with the right attitude and the ability to learn,  rather than someone with the most impressive score-card. A 2018 McKinsey study on engineering graduates showed that over 94% of them were not job-ready. It is not to say that you might not be talented, but that you must assess your strengths properly and find opportunities to upskill and become industry-ready, before your first interview. It helps to do an online jobs search to understand the landscape better. 
  1. Choose honesty: Your resume is the first opportunity to make a good impression. But do not puff it with over-the-top achievements that aren’t true. While it is important to highlight all your hands-on experience and accomplishments, keep it to the point. Tools like the Workruit Instant Resume, are a great way to ensure you create an impressive resume instantly. Remember, securing the interview is only step one. Interviewers are experienced in asking the right questions to verify your suitability and aptitude. Stick to honest answers. 
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  1. Focus on learning, not on job-titles: In this day and age, expertise has a very short shelf-life. The best job, therefore, is where you learn and grow consistently. The first few years of your career are the ones that will be packed with learning and fun. Do not give that away for a fancy job-title that you clearly don’t comprehend. It is important to start with a team that will help you learn the tricks of the trade, grow and become skilled. If lucky, you might even find a mentor to look up to and seek advice from. These attributes of the first job are way more important than a designation. This study by Deloitte, has some interesting insights on how the nature of careers is changing rapidly and why it is important for every professional to find means to learn throughout their career paths. 
  1. Do not undersell yourself: While we know that a lot of individuals puff their resumes to land their dream jobs, it is also pretty common for individuals with impressive personal feats to undersell themselves.. Do not do this. Ensure that you aptly showcase any part-time jobs, internships or hands-on work you might have taken up, during student life. Articulate clearly what you bring to the table. Remember that employers need a good worker as much as you need the job. Do not settle for less than you deserve.
  1. Be willing to explore: You’re young and energetic with a million vivid ideas. You’re passionate about work and the causes that move you. This is the perfect time for you to experiment with career choices and figure out where you really fit. Before even going to work, we would say get an internship and try your hands at learning a few skills. Volunteer and gain grassroots level exposure. Stay flexible about the job-roles and companies you explore; you might actually discover your true calling in life. 

When it comes finally to looking for a job, take the smart way. Keep an open mind, explore – this is only the beginning!

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