Improve productivity by revitalizing your workforce

Improve productivity by revitalizing your workforce

What is the best way to improve productivity at your workplace? Most managers would speak about streamlining processes, having strategic plans and goal-setting discussions to get more out of every man-hour. In this competitive job-market this might seem like the obvious way to go. But, did you know that there is more to productivity than meets the eye? 

Making your workforce deliver better results takes more time and effort than just handing them a tool-kit. The problem is that you cannot ask someone to follow a set of instructions and expect them to become productive. It simply won’t work. The reason for this is pretty straight-forward – we, humans are unique and come with unique motivations. We all have different career priorities and work-styles, and a singular approach to achieve productivity is just money down the drain. 

Then, what works? 

The key to long-term improvement in your workforce efficiency  lies in building a culture that enables employees to perform at their best abilities. In a study on the impact of positive practices on organizational effectiveness, researchers at the University of Michigan found that positive and virtuous work practices help employees excel at work. 

They elaborate that improved collaboration, peer motivation, developing empathy for each other and emphasizing on the meaningfulness of their work are correlated to positive initiatives such as – 

  • Increasing positive emotions – Through creating platforms where people work together and creatively
  • Mitigating negative emotions – That address stress triggers and provide support to bounce back from challenges
  • Bolstering employees – With opportunities to bring out the best in them and improving loyalty 

Another study on the impact of employee engagement on productivity shows that highly engaged teams deliver twice the results, as disengaged teams

How to build a positive culture?

People, on average, spend half of their time awake at work, and it is important that they feel like it is worth it. Happy employees are more productive at their jobs

A research study done at the University of Warwick, across 700 employees found a whopping 12 percent improvement in productivity, amongst happier employees. Investing into employee support has a direct impact of employee satisfaction, further positively impacting their performance at work. 

To create a high-performing workplace, you will need to create a system that nurtures individuals as well as teams, and motivates positive contributions – day after day, month after month. You could begin by creating a physical environment that encourages a break-friendly culture where your people would have the opportunity to unwind, unplug and have conversations that are not about work. 

Adopting a culture of collaboration and togetherness, you can encourage your teams to work in synchrony, becoming stronger and more efficient as an organization. A Gusto survey noted that 54% of employees believed that a sense of community (great coworkers, celebrating milestones, a common mission) kept them at a company longer

Flexible work hours and remote work options help them get more done at home, and be able to focus on delivering good work. Further, the best jobs are where your people have the chance to find work-life balance and satisfaction in personal and professional spheres. They will develop loyalty, and take more responsibility as they are motivated to commit more. 

The bottom-line is that creating a positive work culture goes a long way in enhancing the quality of life for your employees, and thereby their productivity at work. It has been proven across studies to be an effective means of achieving better business results. 

What kind of a positive culture does your workplace have? Tell us in the comments below, we’d love to know.

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