Tips for young professionals to impress their employers

Tips for Freshers to impress their employers

The first few years of your job are filled with great opportunities for learning, growth and self-discovery. You’re introduced to the professional world, take home your first salary and gleam with the promise of a bright career. Given your limited experience, however, it is easy to find yourself in conversations and situations, where you can’t contribute as much as you’d like. 

As a fresh graduate or a young professional, you might not have the extensive knowledge or industry exposure many of your senior colleagues flaunt. But there still are ways you can make a positive and lasting impression on your employer. 

Here’s how. 

  1. Be proactive: Take initiative and show that you are a motivated professional. Be open to picking up additional pieces of work that will add value to the team, while also letting you gain some hands-on experience. Once you’re done with your own work, volunteer to help out another team, that could use an extra hand. Do not wait for work to be assigned to you – go the extra mile and seek out an opportunity to contribute. 
  1. Be open to learning: This is likely your very first job. Spend this time wisely and invest it into experiences. Learning should be top on your list of priorities. Prepare a list of skills you’d like to learn at this job and discuss them with your manager. Together, chalk out a plan for how this learning experience would be beneficial for you as well as your team. Most jobs for freshers are designed for a steep learning curve. Spend time researching the industry you work in and best-practices across similar businesses across the world. Managers appreciate individuals who show a penchant for learning. 
  1. Put your team first: As an individual contributor it might go against your instinct to think about your team first. But, from an organizational stand-point it is crucial that team-members work together and effectively collaborate. Putting your team first, despite a personal disadvantage will not go unappreciated. It is not only a good prospect of making a good impression, but also the ethical way to work. 
  1. Fresh eye never hurts: While your seniors at work might have more experience, you bring a fresh eye to their entire view-point. Good teams welcome diverse ideas and perspectives, and often benefit from them. So, do not shy away from contributing your views in discussions and brainstorming sessions. In this competitive job market, this is a great way to get noticed for your innovative ideas and a novel approach to solving business challenges. 
  1. Take ownership: Taking ownership is a rare quality that true leaders exhibit. Taking complete responsibility for your piece of work, however insignificant shows that you are a dependable professional and gives your superiors an incentive to trust you with higher responsibilities. If you make a mistake, own up and discuss ways to rectify the damage as soon as you can. This will show your team that you’re not afraid of taking responsibility and a trustworthy asset. 

With these tips, you can now impress your employer and pave way for a successful career ahead. 

What do you think of our list here? Do you have other tips on how you can create a lasting impression at work? Do share with us in the comments below.

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