How to create the Perfect Resume for freshers instantly?

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The final semester of your college year has just completed, and it’s time to get your plan together for the next big phase – your job search

If you’re looking to find your dream job, the first step is to create a resume that reflects not just your educational qualifications but also your unique personality, so you stand out in this competitive job market

Wonder what goes into making the perfect resume? Read on to know more.

  1. Choose the appropriate framework: A fresher graduate’s resume is very different from an experienced person’s resume. While looking up formats of resumes online, make sure you pick one that is suited for a fresh graduate. 
  2. Keep it crisp: In today’s cut-throat world, recruiters often need to go through a lot of resumes to understand whether a candidate is fit for their requirement or not. So, it is important that you don’t beat around the bush, but highlight all the important aspects of your profile clearly and in short. 
  3. Include contact details upfront: When the HR manager decides to contact you, it is important that they find your details right where they’re looking. Make sure they are mentioned clearly and are easily noticeable. Include a variety of contact details – email ID, phone numbers etc. 
  4. Social media handles: Recruiters want to know who they are going to hire and their personalities. Include links to your social media profiles, especially LinkedIn, so they know how you interact with people at a personal as well as professional level. 
  5. Extracurricular activities, volunteer and hands-on work: Since this would be your first job, you might think that you wouldn’t have any ‘work-experience’ to showcase. However, take a step back and recall any voluntary contributions you might have made in the last few years, hobbies that you’ve excelled at and other part-time jobs that you might have taken up. 

Making a resume doesn’t have to be tedious. That’s why Workruit has introduced an easy Online Resume builder – Workruit Instant Resume that will help individuals like you, prepare a customized, professional resume.  To apply to jobs matching your qualifications follow a step-by-step process and save time on your job search. This tool will not only make sure your resume is unique and interesting but also ensure that it is error-free and thorough. 

All you really have to do is create your free profule on the Instant Resume website, and choose the template that you think makes the most sense to you. You can also add additional features, links to your social media handles and certifications that make you a perfect hire. 

Workruit is designed to effectively match skills to talent, and the algorithm only displays the best results for you, based on your interests and skills. The app itself takes less than a minute to download and is extremely easy-to-use. What’s more, it’s always on your mobile – so you connect to the latest jobs in India, at any given time that suits you, no matter where you are. 

Do away with age-old job-search platforms. Embrace the innovative and easy way to connect with a potential employer? Download the Workruit app here —

Workruit – Mobile Job Search

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