How Generation Z is Transforming Workplaces?

Generation Z, the most tech-savvy generations ever, whose foundation is built on the pillars of the internet era.

If you don’t know who falls in generation Z then it’s the population born in the mid-1990s. This generation has many names e.g iGeneration, Net Gen, Gen Wii, Gen Z etc. As evolution has taught us the next generation will always be better than the previous ones. Generation Z again satisfies that statement in all possible ways. May it be knowing the latest trends, to scrolling through touch screens, to maintain workflow; they have it all.

Generation Z is that workforce which is more into the modern workplace than in traditional ones. When it comes to choosing jobs they are more inclined to apply to start-ups. Many MNCs are even changing their work culture so that it becomes appealing for the Generation Z to choose them.

India has the highest young population in the world and it asks for transformation in the workplace. Modern workplaces keep on trying new technologies to get efficient output.

These are some points which reflect how Gen Z is transforming the current workplace:

  • Ambience: Ambience, Yes Gen Z prefers a more open environment with more Natural light which keeps a good work mood for the overall day. Artificial lighting is a big No for them.
  • Furniture: Creative and unique office furniture is a must for Gen Z. Especially a minimalist design language throughout the workplace helps for more focus.
  • Leisure: Leisure or activity rooms play an important role, As these places are used by Gen Z to cope up with any work-related stress MNCs like Google, Apple and Facebook have this kinda facilities for their employees.
  • Activities: Activities such as a Yoga session or a Meditation session also helps the hustling brains of Gen Z need to slow down. As the brain gets a bit over cloaked like a processor sometimes.
  • Work Tools: After calming down the brain by a Yoga session to maximise the productivity Gen Z will need to use work tools such as Webex, Zoom, Skype for video conferences and many more tools which increase efficiency.
  • Working Flexibility: The more the work flexibility provided to a Gen Z employee the more they strive at performing. Companies even permit work from home so that they work from their comfort.
  • Collaborative work environment:  As Napoleon Hill Once said “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others Succeed”  This motto is almost to the prime under which Gen Z can flourish at given Tasks.
  • Connectivity and Smart devices: This internet age has something that taught us then its the importance of connectivity and connecting Smart devices, for example, IoT based printers can maximise productivity by a lot. Gen Z is a lot ahead in using such devices.
  •  Skills and Academic up-gradation: IT companies such as Oracle let their employees get an MBA from prestigious institutes like IIM. Companies even have started 

with skill development programs as this also brings the best out of a Gen Z employee.

Gen Z is like a seed at this stage if one takes proper care, then it will surely provide good results in the future. They can be that ray of light in the darkness for which everyone was waiting for. This Generation may not have seen great historical disasters and events such as both World Wars, the moon landings but they have survived the great recession of 2008, Have watched the landing of Curiosity Rover on the Red Planet, to the current COVID-19 crisis and recession of 2020.

Gen Z is young and hungry- hungry for work, hungry for solving critical problems, Developing solutions for unanswered questions, Exploring new limits where humans have not reached yet.

May it be the depth of the Mariana Trench or exploring Titan (Moon of Saturn). All thanks to the bedrock of the foundation of this Generation which keeps on motivating it to change.

We live in a fast and developing world where workplaces will change with each generation, Generation Z may be showing drastic changes to previous ones but the coming generation might even think out of the box when it comes to the workplace environment.

In conclusion, Generation Z will define a lot of new exciting benchmarks for future generations for their workplaces. Adapting these changes is the best way to move forward without losing any momentum. I leave you with an interesting quote by Pamela La Gioia author of the book “The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College”
“But a new generation is on the rise and the first step to communicating with them, is understanding they aren’t just another Millennial.” – Pamela La Gioia

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