Learn why a resume is important for a job seeker

A resume is a tool to market yourself. It is important to understand that your resume is much more than just a document – it highlights your background, your skills and your educational qualification, enabling a recruiter to quickly access your background and see how your individual experience and skill-set can contribute to a company’s betterment. A resume can be used to weed out unqualified candidates, it can also serve as a medium to select candidates that are best for the job. A well-written resume is able to convey the candidate’s compatibility with the job.

Here are few key indicators why a resume is important:-

  • A resume is you: A resume speaks about your professional experiences. It speaks a great deal about yourself from the past to the present. It can also be said that a resume is a short story about you, therefore it has to be an “Academy Awards Winner” one to fetch you that dream job you are looking for.
  • To Brand Yourself: It is very essential to create your brand in this professional world and this journey starts right after your college and studies. And it is, therefore, necessary to prepare a perfectly written resume that can showcase your knowledge, skills, experience, certifications, and accomplishments, as well as portray yourself as a good candidate who is ready to face the challenging world.
  • To showcase your skills: With a well-written resume, you can easily showcase the skills which you have accumulated over these years. You can let the recruiter know all the skills you have acquired through previous work experiences or education and how you are going to utilize them for the growth of the organization.
  • Instant but lasting first impression: You must have heard of the saying that the first impression is the last. It goes well with the resume as well. In the bulk of the resumes, if one resume stands out and it gives a feeling that yes, this is the one, then working hard on your resume is worth it. Usually recruiters tend to ignore resumes which have are text heavy and difficult to read, so keep it simple, focus on what your key USP’s are and stand out.
  • To grab an interview: The ultimate purpose of the resume is to get a job, right? And writing a job-winning professional resume is the first step towards that direction. So, do not ignore the importance of writing a good resume.

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