Can Modern Recruitment be as easy as a Swipe right?

Technology is making life delightfully easier for us. Whether you’re trying to get a quick ride to the airport, or are looking for exciting dining options around, you’re always one click away. But, when it comes to finding a job or making a career change — can things really get that simple?

Traditional job portals depended on lengthy databases of profiles and jobs, with an option to search for what might be right for you. This process demands that you spend valuable time and effort looking for a job role/ candidate profile that fits your needs. And trust us, the struggle only begins there. You need to get into the grind of cold-calling, detailed conversations to figure out ‘fit’, and still not be sure whether it will all work out, at all!

More often than not, this left HR managers in tricky situations, where they give candidates offer-letters only to hear that they weren’t really interested in the job. And on the other end of the cable, it leaves deserving candidates waiting for weeks before they get that rejection email that curtly says — “we are looking for someone with a different skill-set.” The experience is not just disappointing, it is even frustrating, both for candidates as well as recruiters.

And then, there was Workruit — a solution that brings an ‘out-of-the-box’ approach to talent recruitment.

Workruit is a new-age mobile application that eliminates the struggle involved in hiring and job-hunting through technology intervention. It works just like Tinder — where both potential employees and hiring managers interact through an interface that allows them to simply ‘swipe right’ when they like a job/ profile (and left otherwise). It is a quick and easy way toengage with job seekers and talented individuals.

When both the candidate and the manager ‘swipe right’ is a match made. They’re then connected through an in-app messenger platform that allows them to interact securely and directly. With this, there are several challenges in the process that are addressed.

  1. With the concept of ‘Swiping right’, you no longer spend time and effort going through lengthy databases of candidates or job-roles to find something you like.
  2. You are only connected to each other when both of you are interested in each other — and the skills match. Relevancy is more important than the number of results.
  3. You can interact over the platform securely — and fix a meeting instantly.

There’s no waiting for that interview call, or the need to deal with outdated databases of candidates anymore. You’ll reduce the time and effort invested into searching or sorting information — so you can divert your energies to things that matter.

Workruit is simple and offers a quick and easy way to hire. We match skills to talent, using just a swipe. Are you still wondering how the app might be beneficial to you? Write to our team, and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Meanwhile, download the Workruit mobile app here, and find the best jobs that match your profile at

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