Finding a job you love, this Valentine’s day!

Jobs at your fingertips
Jobs at your fingertips

Finding the perfect job is truly like finding your soul-mate. In fact, an average person spends more productive time at work than he does at home — so it is only more necessary that they find the place to work where they feel passionate, connected and excited, every day. And while you might be used to looking for love on apps like Tinder, did you know that finding the job of your dream might also be just as easy?

With Workruit, it is now as easy as ‘swipe right’ — just like Tinder, to find the perfect job for you. This unique and innovative digital tool for jobs provides individuals from a variety of educational backgrounds and experience levels with an opportunity to explore jobs across India, effectively without wasting time or effort in searching job-sites. With a seamless, mobile interface, coupled with cutting edge AI-driven technology the app stays with you wherever you go, and gives you instant updates on the latest, most relevant jobs that are tailored to fit your interest areas and skill-levels.

Further, we think you should make the most of this valentine’s season to get the much-needed advantage to land your dream job. Here’s how –

  1. Lesser competition: With most of the young crowd busy with their valentine’s day holidays and celebrations, you are most likely to gain a competitive advantage by applying for jobs in this season. Take advantage of this situation and get the Workruit app, and start ‘swiping right’ now. Who knows — you might land your dream interview before your peers return from their holiday!
  2. Major hiring season: The first quarter of the calendar year is often a peak hiring season across the world. This coupled with the closing financial year in March means that recruiters are looking to quickly fill in several posts before the year closes. It is, therefore, a fantastic time to search for online jobs, and take your career to the next level.
  3. Hundreds of new postings: We have hundreds of new job requirements posted on Workruit every single day. Keeping your profile up-to-date and checking in on your dashboard updates often might be a great way to stay ahead in their highly competitive job market.

In fact, even if you are actually on a holiday — you can still check out jobs on your mobile, without any hassle. As the app works just like Tinder, you will also not need to get into the hassle of sifting through detailed job-descriptions and company profiles before selecting the jobs to apply for. Just log in to the Workruit app, check out your dashboard for new jobs that are curated to fit your profile and start swiping right on the ones that you like.

It’ll take no more than a minute to check out a few jobs, and there are new job vacancies posted every day. So, be sure to log back in, every day. And our promise to you is that we will never show you any job that doesn’t suit your exact profile and preference.

Are you ready to fall in love with your work and build a career, this valentine’s season? If yes, get the Workruit mobile app, right away, click here.

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Your dream job is waiting for you.. All you have to do is a swipe!

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