3 Reasons You Should Not Feel Guilty About Leaving Your Job

You know what is an awesome feeling in this world of rat-race! The feeling of being needed. Most of us are being desired by someone to be around, but the feeling of need is something else entirely. Generally, a situation where something can’t be functional without you. In the world of business and professionals, there’s always a situation when you are needed for the team and for the project. Maybe you are not being needed now, but, let’s be realistic, if you can deliver values with your work, you will be needed. In fact, no one would want to let you go.

The only problem that comes with this scenario is the situation of leaving. Leaving may be either due to career development or family or short-break and so forth. It often leads to feeling guilty and regret, which should not happen at all. At some point, we all tend to leave things behind in order to make a progress.

Or, maybe you have finally landed in a dream position of your’s in some other company, and even have told your final decision to your boss. But, even after all those, we do get a feeling of confusion if the decision was good or not. But, come on, this is what makes life interesting, moving ahead, bringing changes and such kinds of stuff.

We’re sure not all of us do embrace changes in lifestyle or job, it is all about being used to the workplace, colleagues, cultures, environment, and so forth that keeps your doubt awake over your decision until you don’t see something brighter in your path during the way.

Considering the same, We have prepared a list of a few simple but true reasons you should not feel guilty about quitting your job.

Progressions and constant march are what makes humanity beautiful

We all do have a natural tendency to move forward in our life (unless and until you are not that lazy to move) through whatever means possible, be it the career, lifestyle, or things. Even though, your boss or company is not happy for you leaving, just for a moment, think about what you would do, if you had no influence.

For a moment, think like a machine

Though robots are not always embraced but for a moment, think like a machine- Analyze the data at hand and take the actions required. What if you are not that effective and fit for the role? Will the company feed you with the current position? No, they won’t, you will be served and fried only until you are useful for the company, or say beneficial for the company.

The point is to think of all the perspectives, you are not doing anything wrong, in fact, this is what any human does- cut the dysfunctional part to improvise the efficiency.

Guilt and regret are only going to disrupt the joy you had in the time

The most precious time you had spent in service to the company is no matter what, a golden time and memory for you. And when it comes to saying goodbye, you won’t want to disrupt it with regret and guilt. Also, the beautiful thing that’s coming to you will also get affected by those.

Rather, try embracing the things coming in your life, with a cheerful goodbye to those memorable days and experience of your last job.

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