No experience? 5 ways to show your employers that you are the right person for the job

Job hunting can be a frustrating affair sometimes, especially when you are a fresher or someone with no experience with the roles attached to the job profile. That’s completely understandable.

You can’t be good at everything, and in fact, no one is. But, that doesn’t imply at all that you cannot get the job without experience. At some point, we all do start as a fresher for a role and that’s what leads us to get experience.

Good news is there are natural rhythms and tunes you can fall in to get into your employer’s/interviewer’s attention to prove yourself to be a good fit for the job profile. And, that does not anyway relate to skills and experience required with the position, but showcasing your natural talent and spark is what it’s all about.

Here are 5 ways you can ace an interview for any role even with zero experience and exposure in the industry.

· First thing first, get a way to embrace your inexperience and curiosity

In most of the cases when you are applying for a job role, it is not experienced that they always look out for but curiosity and such stuff that makes you dazzle. It is not required to have your CV bombarded with tons of experience and skills for entry-level jobs. Rather, show them your curiosity to learn along with the work, and commitment to deliver your 100%.

· If you can’t directly hang onto the tree, try hanging with their branches

Sounds confusing! Let me help you understand this; every job role comes with a major skill requirement (as the tree) and a lot of other skills (as the branches).

So, if you don’t have much exposure with the primary skill, make a list of sub-skills which are required along with them. Showcase your expertise in those skills which will be needed, and could add up to your advantage in your roles and responsibilities attached to the job.

· Networking

It may not sound so believable to you, but it does matter. We are humans, and we do tend to be manipulated and our thoughts modified with what others say. In the professional world, networking and words of mouth do matter a lot.

Try connecting with people, talk to them, listen to what they are working on, showcase your interest and curiosity, and who knows you may get to leave an imprint on their mind to refer or recommend you within their network. When it comes to networking, there cannot be a better online platform than LinkedIn.

· Always be prepared with a secret weapon

All of us do have some skills or experience that no one else possesses. It may be a life experience or some amazing successful tricks we have performed, or it could be anything. These are one of those few things that may dazzle anyone.

In the end, when nothing is working for you, leverage your own secret weapon, and if luck and contextual requirement meet, who knows you may have aced you interview and got selected for the position.

· Be realistic

Just because the Article is about acing an interview for a position with no experience doesn’t imply that you can apply for anything, be realistic. It is not someone else, but you are the first one to know yourself and hire yourself for any position (before the interviewer does).

The point is that it is important to apply for something which comes within your reach, and by reach, I mean, profile/position that falls somewhere within your area of expertise and knowledge.

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