How you can make the most of the Web & Mobile potential in your next Job Search!

While newspapers and networking still play an important role in looking for work, the technology is definitely disrupting the job search.

Technology has helped make searching for jobs more convenient than ever. With an internet connection and a phone, job seekers are able to look for jobs anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world. It’s not only also easier to look, but also apply for jobs at the click of a button. This tends to present an issue for not only employers looking for standout candidates, but also job seekers themselves who are competing with hundreds or thousands of other job seekers. One way to hack this problem is by thoroughly reading job descriptions and including those keywords to align with your resume, experience and skills.

Read on for some ideas as to how you can make the most of the technology — Web & Mobile potential in your next job search.

1. Post your resume online so recruiters can find you — even when you’re not actively searching for work. Share your resume on Workruit. Download the app and get started.

2. Join an online networking community and connect with fellow alumni, colleagues and recruiters.

3. Search the names of old friends and coworkers to reach out and expand your network.

4. Research major employers, using various news/financial Web sites or search engines.

5. Tap the power of industry blogs to find folks who are doing what you’d like to do for a living and ask for advice. You’d be surprised at how many people are willing to share their wisdom.

6. Streamline your efforts by saving job searches and signing up for email job alerts so you’ll know about new postings immediately.

7. Start an online job-search support group and open it up to members of your network who are looking for work and share encouragement and insights as you seek out new opportunities.

8. Visit company Web sites for additional job postings and to learn about each organization’s corporate culture. This will help you determine if you’d be a good fit and provide you with insights for any interviews.

9. Browse trade associations and professional groups online for insights and new connections.

10. Do away with age-old job-search platforms. Embrace the innovative and easy way to connect with a potential employer? Download the Workruit app here —

In today’s Information Age, it is easier than ever to find information about companies and potential employers. Combined with mobile & social media, it is also easier than ever to connect with these potential employers through a combination of applying directly, marketing and branding oneself, and networking. Beyond clicking, “Apply Now; or, ‘Submit Resume; technology has also affected the job hunting process by making it easier for employers to interview potential employees using video conferencing technology.

Do away with age-old job-search platforms. Embrace the innovative and easy way to connect with a potential employer? Download the Workruit app here —

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