10 Interview Tips That Will Help You Ace Your Interviews

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And the big day is here, you found your dream job on Workruit, applied and got a call from the HR asking you to come in for an interview. Firstly, we believe that congratulations are in order and secondly, your work has just begun.

You might be well qualified for the job, and you might even be the best at presenting yourself during interviews but here are a few more interview hacks that can help you get through the big day without a single glitch.

Here are ten quick interview tips that can help you ace your interview like a champ.

Non-Verbal Communication is the Key to best impressions

While you might be preparing yourself for the “commonly asked interview questions,” you should also be working on your physical form. For instance, standing straight, participating in a firm handshake and making eye contact are all very crucial during an. Here’s your first and the most important interview hack, prepare for presenting yourself by watching yourself in the mirror. Remember, the first non-verbal can be a great opening or an ending to your interview.

Dress To Impress

One of the most common interview tips out there because it is vital for an interview. A sharp look can do a lot talking for you. It might be a casual workplace, but the fact you put in the extra effort to make yourself look interview ready shows how interested you are in the job.

Be A Good Listener

Listen and respond to the interviewer, while this might not exactly be an interview hack it can potentially make or break the deal. Because good communication skills include listening and responding when necessary. And nobody wants to hire someone with bad communication skills.

Don’t Talk Too Much

One of the best interview tips one can ever give you. Talking too much and giving away more information than necessary can be a grave mistake. Prepare well for the given job posting in relevance to your skill set. If you are already in-touch with someone on the other side through Wotkruit’s in-app messenger then use it to your advantage.

Don’t Be A Know-it-all

You have practiced well, prepared for all the possible commonly asked interview questions; your CV is top-notch. But remember to not to show it all in the meeting, listen and respond, and don’t over-answer.

Use Formal Language

The most general interview hack out there, even though it’s a casual interview it is always safe to play formal, especially with your language. Mind your words, and stay away from sensitive topics such as gender, religion, race, politics, etc.

Don’t Be Cocky

If you know that you are the best candidate for the job, congratulations! But make sure to stay humble and not let your interviewer know that you know that the job can be yours. Be the kind guy that you were on the Workruit profile that got you a right swipe. After all, attitude is everything.

Answer All The Questions Asked

Even if you don’t know the answer to the question asked, respond with an answer, say that you haven’t worked in that field before or that you are not well experienced with the topic. Do not stay quiet.

Don’t Appear Desperate

Stay cool; only you should know about how much you need this job. Stay calm, relaxed and confident, you know you can do the job, let the interviewer know the same by not acting desperate.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is one way of showing your interest towards the new job. Asking questions can also help you get a better understanding of the role or workplace and will in return help you make an educated decision about taking up the position.

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