7 Must Haves That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out

You have the skills, you have the experience, and you have the ideal personality for the new job. But for the employer to call you in for the interview, he/she will have to send you an email or make a phone call asking you to come in, and for this to happen, all you can do is to count on your resume and keep your fingers crossed.

For obvious reasons, your resume is the key to your dream job. Your resume is what will get you into that interview room, and your resume is what the interviewer is going to use to create the questionnaire. So, it is essential that you build your resume carefully. Follow the below-mentioned resume tips while drafting your resume for your next job.

Customize Your Resume According to the Job

Put yourself in the shoes of the recruiters; they might have to go through thousands of these resumes on a daily basis. Now, when you send a generic old-school resume, it is likely not going to make the cut. Recruiters look for resumes that is ideal for the job-posting, so you would have to tailor your resume accord to the job posting. Your resume building starts here… Review the job listing and the position you are applying for and build it accordingly.

You can be free to skip this step if you are applying through Workruit. Although you would have to list out your skills and experiences, Workruit modernizes your profile, and with a simple right-swipe form both the parties, you are looking at a potential new job!

Take Advantage of Industry Keywords

While resume building can be time-consuming and challenging, here’s a resume tip for you, use keywords and make them bold, recruiters just skim-through your resume, these keywords can help grab their attention.

Use a Header

Give your resume a header; now, this might be one of the most common resume tips anyone could give you. But it is crucial and the header can make your resume stand out from the rest. Not only it takes care of your contact information but also give your resume a polished look.

Back up your skills and List Your Experiences

Having skills is a good thing, and you might have many of these, but instead of just listing down the skills, elaborate on them. State the facts and numbers, let the numbers tell your recruiters how you’ve helped in increasing productivity. One of the many ways you could get the recruiter’s attention.

Be a Storyteller

Yes, a story that your recruiters will be interested in, your story. Arrange the list of your experience in an order that shows how you’ve grown up to be efficient with your jobs. Show your recruiters how you’ve used what you’ve learned over the years and used them in solving real-life challenges.

Get Extra Credit By Adding a Cover Letter

Wanna take your resume to the next level? Then add a cover letter to it. A cover letter is a simple and a short note that explains why you are interested in the job and how you can be the perfect fit for the job, given your skills and experiences.

Proofread it!

No matter how much time you’ve spent on resume building, but if you send it out with errors or typos, your resume is going straight to the reject pile. Proofreading might seem like a simple step but it’s the most important one, you don’t want to come across as a shabby person.

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