Enter campus placement season and we can sense a tension in the air. Right from “Will I get selected?” to “Am I good enough for this company?” self-doubt is a silent monster that slowly kills a fresh graduate’s confidence. Whether you are a student or a fresh graduate seeking work, here are a few tips to ace your first interview.

Make honesty your best friend.

Your interviewer has probably seen thousands of possible candidates beat around the bush when they didn’t know the answer. Respect their time and be honest. Being truthful and showing a willingness to learn goes a long way in making a good first impression. It is also a good attitude to set a good expectation for the company hiring you, as well as for yourself – to detail what your strengths are – and where you will need training. Remember, they are not always looking for a star performer. They would be keen to understand how your skills could be beneficial to them – and will almost always be willing to train you to be industry-ready.

Dress Smartly.

Comfortable is the new smart. Yes, when you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, it shows in your confidence. Consider your local weather conditions while dressing up and make sure you’re comfortable. Most companies brief the candidates about the dress code in advance. While clean and well ironed clothes are of paramount importance, ditch anything that is a very tight fit or makes you look shabby. A wardrobe malfunction is the last thing you need, at your first interview.

Research about the organization

It truly helps when you know what an organisation is about. Every company has a culture; some are traditional, some the new-age ‘fun’ types and some that ensure they’re both. It is important that you consider this before going for the interview – so you understand how you can fit into such an environment with ease. Speak to your seniors that are working in the same company. If you see yourself as a good fit in the company’s vision – share it with the interviewer – for some brownie points.

What is your value addition?

Ahead of your interview day, list out a few personal qualities that would add value to your company. You will need to give them reason to choose you in place of a competing candidate. Give it to them. Regular work might not be the only reason why you are a good hire – your personality might be a lot more than just that. Speak about any interpersonal skills that you take to the table, tell them how you might make their workplace fun, or speak about any of your experiences that make you a better person to associate with. They will surely value your thoughts.

Have your questions ready.

As much as you think you need that job – remember, the company too is there because they need you. Look at it as a partnership. What is most important is to see how both your ideas match, and both of you can contribute to each other’s progress. Have your questions ready – check how the company will invest in your growth, what career path they are charting out for you, who your team members might be, and how this job might be different from any other job you might opt for. This company’s office might be where you spend at least 50% of your time for the next few years. Be doubly sure that it makes sense to you.

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