It’s the IPL season, and we just cannot get enough of it! The game is a religion in our country, and rightly so – given the many life-lessons it has to teach. So, here are four, of the many lessons we can take into our everyday business and work!


Rhetoric: Rajasthan Royals won the first IPL, by tactfully choosing a balanced team with both Indian and overseas players. And, they hardly made any big buys. Lesson: Choosing your team wisely. Just a bunch of high-performing individuals doesn’t always guarantee success. On the contrary, a surprisingly great team might come together from a good mix of people, with different personalities, a variety of skills and strengths; all with an attitude to work together.


Rhetoric: Sunrisers Hyderabad, the champions of the IPL 2017 season, clearly had a bowling strength. They made sure to keep it that way, without sacrificing it for additional batsmen (as was the trend). Lesson: It is important to create opportunities out of strengths, and be smart about tackling weaknesses – especially as a team. A great team is the one that learns and adapts, while acknowledging its goods and bads, and knowing what to let go of, and what not.


Rhetoric: The league-plus-playoff format of the IPL demands that teams learn to variegate, and keep changing their short-term goals to achieve long-term objectives. Title-winning Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings displayed great examples of smartly setting goals for each match, and modifying plans constantly to stay on top. Lesson: In a business, teams need to keep innovating newer ways of achieving their goals. Whether it is up-skilling all team-members, or finding new recruits strategically to fill in where they lag; short-term and long-term goals need to be distinctly defined and tactics must be planned to achieve results at every step. The end-objective is to improve productivity and heighten business performance, and every step must tie-into this end.


Rhetoric: The IPL 2017 saw a new geography grab headlines. It clearly was not that there weren’t enough players already – but Sunrisers Hyderabad picked Mohammed Nabi and Rashid Khan from Afghanistan. This shows openness to diversity and progressiveness, and will go a long way, in getting positive results for the team. Lesson: Diversity is good. Embrace it, not fear. Explore newer territories, and expand your horizon. Find out something new; discover people you’ve never considered before. One of the most redeeming qualities of great businesses is its openness to diversity – be one such business.

Sports often teach us a lot more than just winning. They teach us about the spirit of working together, of believing in a common goal and of contributing meaningfully to a larger good; the IPL even more so. So, while we thoroughly enjoy this ongoing season of IPL, let’s also take a break once in a while and learn a lesson or two.

Who knows, what might come in handy for your office team!

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