7 Must Haves That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out


You have the skills, you have the experience, and you have the ideal personality for the new job. But for the employer to call you in for the interview, he/she will have to send you an email or make a phone call asking you to come in, and for this to happen, all you can do is to count on your resume and keep your fingers crossed.

For obvious reasons, your resume is the key to your dream job. Your resume is what will get you into that interview room, and your resume is what the interviewer is going to use to create the questionnaire. So, it is essential that you build your resume carefully. Follow the below-mentioned resume tips while drafting your resume for your next job.

Customize Your Resume According to the Job

Put yourself in the shoes of the recruiters; they might have to go through thousands of these resumes on a daily basis. Now, when you send a generic old-school resume, it is likely not going to make the cut. Recruiters look for resumes that is ideal for the job-posting, so you would have to tailor your resume accord to the job posting. Your resume building starts here… Review the job listing and the position you are applying for and build it accordingly.

You can be free to skip this step if you are applying through Workruit. Although you would have to list out your skills and experiences, Workruit modernizes your profile, and with a simple right-swipe form both the parties, you are looking at a potential new job!

Take Advantage of Industry Keywords

While resume building can be time-consuming and challenging, here’s a resume tip for you, use keywords and make them bold, recruiters just skim-through your resume, these keywords can help grab their attention.

Use a Header

Give your resume a header; now, this might be one of the most common resume tips anyone could give you. But it is crucial and the header can make your resume stand out from the rest. Not only it takes care of your contact information but also give your resume a polished look.

Back up your skills and List Your Experiences

Having skills is a good thing, and you might have many of these, but instead of just listing down the skills, elaborate on them. State the facts and numbers, let the numbers tell your recruiters how you’ve helped in increasing productivity. One of the many ways you could get the recruiter’s attention.

Be a Storyteller

Yes, a story that your recruiters will be interested in, your story. Arrange the list of your experience in an order that shows how you’ve grown up to be efficient with your jobs. Show your recruiters how you’ve used what you’ve learned over the years and used them in solving real-life challenges.

Get Extra Credit By Adding a Cover Letter

Wanna take your resume to the next level? Then add a cover letter to it. A cover letter is a simple and a short note that explains why you are interested in the job and how you can be the perfect fit for the job, given your skills and experiences.

Proofread it!

No matter how much time you’ve spent on resume building, but if you send it out with errors or typos, your resume is going straight to the reject pile. Proofreading might seem like a simple step but it’s the most important one, you don’t want to come across as a shabby person.


10 Interview Tips That Will Help You Ace Your Interviews

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And the big day is here, you found your dream job on Workruit, applied and got a call from the HR asking you to come in for an interview. Firstly, we believe that congratulations are in order and secondly, your work has just begun.

You might be well qualified for the job, and you might even be the best at presenting yourself during interviews but here are a few more interview hacks that can help you get through the big day without a single glitch.

Here are ten quick interview tips that can help you ace your interview like a champ.

Non-Verbal Communication is the Key to best impressions

While you might be preparing yourself for the “commonly asked interview questions,” you should also be working on your physical form. For instance, standing straight, participating in a firm handshake and making eye contact are all very crucial during an. Here’s your first and the most important interview hack, prepare for presenting yourself by watching yourself in the mirror. Remember, the first non-verbal can be a great opening or an ending to your interview.

Dress To Impress

One of the most common interview tips out there because it is vital for an interview. A sharp look can do a lot talking for you. It might be a casual workplace, but the fact you put in the extra effort to make yourself look interview ready shows how interested you are in the job.

Be A Good Listener

Listen and respond to the interviewer, while this might not exactly be an interview hack it can potentially make or break the deal. Because good communication skills include listening and responding when necessary. And nobody wants to hire someone with bad communication skills.

Don’t Talk Too Much

One of the best interview tips one can ever give you. Talking too much and giving away more information than necessary can be a grave mistake. Prepare well for the given job posting in relevance to your skill set. If you are already in-touch with someone on the other side through Wotkruit’s in-app messenger then use it to your advantage.

Don’t Be A Know-it-all

You have practiced well, prepared for all the possible commonly asked interview questions; your CV is top-notch. But remember to not to show it all in the meeting, listen and respond, and don’t over-answer.

Use Formal Language

The most general interview hack out there, even though it’s a casual interview it is always safe to play formal, especially with your language. Mind your words, and stay away from sensitive topics such as gender, religion, race, politics, etc.

Don’t Be Cocky

If you know that you are the best candidate for the job, congratulations! But make sure to stay humble and not let your interviewer know that you know that the job can be yours. Be the kind guy that you were on the Workruit profile that got you a right swipe. After all, attitude is everything.

Answer All The Questions Asked

Even if you don’t know the answer to the question asked, respond with an answer, say that you haven’t worked in that field before or that you are not well experienced with the topic. Do not stay quiet.

Don’t Appear Desperate

Stay cool; only you should know about how much you need this job. Stay calm, relaxed and confident, you know you can do the job, let the interviewer know the same by not acting desperate.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is one way of showing your interest towards the new job. Asking questions can also help you get a better understanding of the role or workplace and will in return help you make an educated decision about taking up the position.


Bahubali – Leadership and Management Mantras in the making of the Epic

‘Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion’ has the Indian and international audiences smitten with its out-of-the-world grandeur. As fans cannot stop speaking about how magnificent the two sequel drama is, box-office collections continue to blast all known records. While screen-characters Bahubali, Kattappa and Bhallaladeva have all risen to instant global fame, the saga has introduced us to a real-life super-hero – S. S. Rajamouli.

As a brand that works with connecting great talent to fantastic employers on a daily basis, we cannot resist analysing how this blockbuster is obviously a result of great leadership and management. So, Let us dive right in!


With all ten movies of his being major hits with critical acclaim, Rajamouli revealed his top secret to making a good one – a strong team. He understands that loyalty needs to be earned, and never leaves a stone unturned in ensuring that the team loves what they do, and are excited about the project. He never finishes an interview without acknowledging their immense support and contribution. In an industry where the male-lead often takes away all credit for the success or failure of a movie, Rajamouli understands that the entire team – actors, support crew, extra artists, writers, music directors, technical staff etc. – is the actual ‘hero’, and knows how to earn their respect. This is evident from the fact that a majority of his team has stuck together since his initial days.


Bahubali – The Beginning ended on a cliff hanger. The catch-phrase “Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali?” had the audience yearning to find out the truth, from the sequel. The expression went viral with countless memes and jokes, making sure that the buzz never died out. With a vision to launch a prequel novel, an animation series as well as a VR experience of Mahishmati, organic publicity is what got the movie such great reception. We must acknowledge how (as opposed to other Bollywood stars), Bahubali actors did not need to ‘promote’ the movie much, as the storyline itself got the masses hooked on. The rhetoric even found its way into the Indian Prime Minister’s speech, comparing himself to the loyal character ‘Kattappa’.


Often, some of the best business partners are those who come with diverse strengths and ideologies. If we look at Bahubali as a business venture, its success may be attributed to some such partnerships that got this south-Indian movie, access to the all-India market. The Dharma Productions connection proved highly profitable, given Karan Johar’s popularity, network and understanding of Bollywood. Choosing strong partners was a masterstroke for the movie-makers, with the numbers speaking for themselves – INR 1000CR within 10 days of the release.


Bahubali – 2 had over 3000 professionals engaged across departments. There were 35 VFX studios involved in the project; we can only imagine how challenging it would have been to manage the workflow without hassle. Brining such a vast crew together, helping them warm up to each other, and enabling processes for them to contribute meaningfully as a single team – required a great leader. Identifying individuals to delegate responsibility, ensuring goals are set in accordance with the bigger picture and constantly providing guidance to stay on track – all this and more – The Bahubali leadership is a true example, of what makes an organization motivated and productive.

These are just some of the corporate leadership lessons we take away from Bahubali – the Conclusion. Write to us, if you can think of more interesting lessons, you’d like to share with our audiences.

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Enter campus placement season and we can sense a tension in the air. Right from “Will I get selected?” to “Am I good enough for this company?” self-doubt is a silent monster that slowly kills a fresh graduate’s confidence. Whether you are a student or a fresh graduate seeking work, here are a few tips to ace your first interview.

Make honesty your best friend.

Your interviewer has probably seen thousands of possible candidates beat around the bush when they didn’t know the answer. Respect their time and be honest. Being truthful and showing a willingness to learn goes a long way in making a good first impression. It is also a good attitude to set a good expectation for the company hiring you, as well as for yourself – to detail what your strengths are – and where you will need training. Remember, they are not always looking for a star performer. They would be keen to understand how your skills could be beneficial to them – and will almost always be willing to train you to be industry-ready.

Dress Smartly.

Comfortable is the new smart. Yes, when you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, it shows in your confidence. Consider your local weather conditions while dressing up and make sure you’re comfortable. Most companies brief the candidates about the dress code in advance. While clean and well ironed clothes are of paramount importance, ditch anything that is a very tight fit or makes you look shabby. A wardrobe malfunction is the last thing you need, at your first interview.

Research about the organization

It truly helps when you know what an organisation is about. Every company has a culture; some are traditional, some the new-age ‘fun’ types and some that ensure they’re both. It is important that you consider this before going for the interview – so you understand how you can fit into such an environment with ease. Speak to your seniors that are working in the same company. If you see yourself as a good fit in the company’s vision – share it with the interviewer – for some brownie points.

What is your value addition?

Ahead of your interview day, list out a few personal qualities that would add value to your company. You will need to give them reason to choose you in place of a competing candidate. Give it to them. Regular work might not be the only reason why you are a good hire – your personality might be a lot more than just that. Speak about any interpersonal skills that you take to the table, tell them how you might make their workplace fun, or speak about any of your experiences that make you a better person to associate with. They will surely value your thoughts.

Have your questions ready.

As much as you think you need that job – remember, the company too is there because they need you. Look at it as a partnership. What is most important is to see how both your ideas match, and both of you can contribute to each other’s progress. Have your questions ready – check how the company will invest in your growth, what career path they are charting out for you, who your team members might be, and how this job might be different from any other job you might opt for. This company’s office might be where you spend at least 50% of your time for the next few years. Be doubly sure that it makes sense to you.

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It’s the IPL season, and we just cannot get enough of it! The game is a religion in our country, and rightly so – given the many life-lessons it has to teach. So, here are four, of the many lessons we can take into our everyday business and work!


Rhetoric: Rajasthan Royals won the first IPL, by tactfully choosing a balanced team with both Indian and overseas players. And, they hardly made any big buys. Lesson: Choosing your team wisely. Just a bunch of high-performing individuals doesn’t always guarantee success. On the contrary, a surprisingly great team might come together from a good mix of people, with different personalities, a variety of skills and strengths; all with an attitude to work together.


Rhetoric: Sunrisers Hyderabad, the champions of the IPL 2017 season, clearly had a bowling strength. They made sure to keep it that way, without sacrificing it for additional batsmen (as was the trend). Lesson: It is important to create opportunities out of strengths, and be smart about tackling weaknesses – especially as a team. A great team is the one that learns and adapts, while acknowledging its goods and bads, and knowing what to let go of, and what not.


Rhetoric: The league-plus-playoff format of the IPL demands that teams learn to variegate, and keep changing their short-term goals to achieve long-term objectives. Title-winning Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings displayed great examples of smartly setting goals for each match, and modifying plans constantly to stay on top. Lesson: In a business, teams need to keep innovating newer ways of achieving their goals. Whether it is up-skilling all team-members, or finding new recruits strategically to fill in where they lag; short-term and long-term goals need to be distinctly defined and tactics must be planned to achieve results at every step. The end-objective is to improve productivity and heighten business performance, and every step must tie-into this end.


Rhetoric: The IPL 2017 saw a new geography grab headlines. It clearly was not that there weren’t enough players already – but Sunrisers Hyderabad picked Mohammed Nabi and Rashid Khan from Afghanistan. This shows openness to diversity and progressiveness, and will go a long way, in getting positive results for the team. Lesson: Diversity is good. Embrace it, not fear. Explore newer territories, and expand your horizon. Find out something new; discover people you’ve never considered before. One of the most redeeming qualities of great businesses is its openness to diversity – be one such business.

Sports often teach us a lot more than just winning. They teach us about the spirit of working together, of believing in a common goal and of contributing meaningfully to a larger good; the IPL even more so. So, while we thoroughly enjoy this ongoing season of IPL, let’s also take a break once in a while and learn a lesson or two.

Who knows, what might come in handy for your office team!



Summer holidays are a great time for college students to hone their professional and interpersonal skills. And, summer internships are a fantastic way to achieve that. This is the time of the year when organizations across sizes, from start-ups to MNCs offer lucrative opportunities for students. The objectives of such a program are to provide the next generation of hires with an opportunity to learn what it is like, contributing to a real work environment. It helps companies set a meaningful expectation with candidates, and prepare them for what lies ahead.

If you are a company representative staring at a long list of candidates, to choose your interns from, we’ve got some wise advice for you! Check out our take on what it takes to hire a great intern.


Getting all your basics right is imperative to getting a suitable intern. Would they be available for the entire duration of the internship? Would they fulfil on the number of hours you need them to? Do you want to offer any compensation or perks for their work? Chalk all these details out – so all you need to do is find someone who fits the description. Make sure they can meet most of your requirements to avoid any hassles during the internship.


Candidates might say all sorts of things to just grab a summer internship. You need to verify if their actions back their words. Ask if they would be able to provide any samples of previous work, any references from lecturers who know them in a professional capacity. You must ask of their earlier projects or internships, and any personal achievements they have. You are looking for someone who will not only take initiative, but will also see things through. They commitment towards work is of utmost importance.


A primary agenda of the summer internship is to help your intern build their skills and get a glimpse of the professional world. For this, the ideal candidate would be someone who would learn more than they’re taught – they take it up on themselves to learn new things every day. They would need to step out of the comfort of their college environment and adapt. They should be willing to, and capable of learning quickly. Check their thought process with a few case-studies – it’s not critical that they get the answers right – it’s critical that they are willing to explore unknown waters.


Look for unique qualities the candidate has that you can possibly sharpen or build on. See what teams might need quick help that the intern might be able to fulfil. Check how their might bring fresh ideas to your workplace. Ask yourself – can I nurture this candidate while they are making their journey from amateur to professional – and if yes, how? Even though the intern is only coming from a college background, find someone who will step up and take responsibility, however minor.


Your intern must be someone who fits in, and gets your company’s culture. You can give them knowledge and help them build skills, but the culture is intrinsic to the existing team as well as the candidate. Their personalities, tastes and interests need to match – so they are able to have a conversation with ease. It’s these interactions that add most value to the intern – even more than the actual work. They will learn how to conduct themselves in a work system, and what demeanour is acceptable.

It works to clearly understand your intern’s strengths before you consider them for the internship. Want to explore interns for an exciting role at your workplace, this summer? Post an internship here – www.workruit.com .